About us

Pionier Finance was founded back in 2008 by our late Member, Rika Greeff.

Private vehicle finance was uncharted territory there for the leading Banks approached her to develop the market in a fit and proper way. She managed to workout business modules that worked for both the vehicle seller and buyer.

As time passed we grew into a well-known finance and insurance company. Today we are the sole representatives for ABSA.

Pionier Finance built up business relations with various value added product suppliers such as M-Sure, Hollard, CCV, etc. and has won numerous rewards for sales and skills achievements.

Today we do not only have mandate with ABSA in the Southern-Cape region but also have 1 of 2 Wesbank Broker codes Country wide on our panel.

We believe in innovative thinking and strive to learn and develop as legislation changes every day. Currently Pionier Finance stands strong with 3 qualified Finance and Insurance advisers and 2 eager trainees.

Our qualifications allows us to represent all the leading banks such as ABSA, Wesbank, MFC and Standard Bank.

Realising the fact that the developing SA laws became very costly and that small independent dealers could no longer afford accredited F&I’s, we approached them and enrolled a whole new function in our business.

We are excited to further expand our endeavours and believe that we will grow form strength to strength.